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Feather Quill in an Ink Pot

a long, long time ago, far beneath the streets of Mongolian capitol Ulan Bator, Elle stood, soaked to the bone and shivering. Then something happened that she did not expect...

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  • Of History

    Added by Winter Pronk

    James rubbed his eyes and blinked the sleep from them slowly turning his head towards his alarm clock and trying to focus the harsh red light. "5:30 AM.. " He grumbled "I don't have to be up for another hour" He hadn't slept well all week, ever since he had met that mysterious girl in the park. It had been a Sunday, and James was busy working away on his thesis for his masters degree. It was a tedious process and he found the park cleared his head and helped him think. "Hey Mister," the girl had called to him "I think this belongs to you!" She ran up to him with a photograph. James had taken the photograph and studied it closely, it was a picture of his great grandfather. But how had she gotten it, and how did she know it was his. He looked up from it to ask her, but just had he had. She was gone. Read more...
  • A Story Made out of Haiku

    Added by Monkey Pressbuttons

    Once upon a time I ate a purple mushroom And met Rainbow Dash Read more...
  • Helena Dies

    Added by Jacob Rodgers

    Helena stood alone in the moonlight, watching the black waters below churn and swirl endlessly. If she took one step forward, they would sweet her body away, and no one would ever learn what had happened. With all the events of the past few days resting on her shoulders, it was tempting... "Helena!" somone called in the distance, and, startled back to reality, she turned, stumbled, feet caught in her long flowing dress, and tumbled over the edge of the bridge. She Dies Read more...
  • A Furs Tail

    Added by Winter Pronk

    Scruffs, for the most part, was a shy husky. He'd been homeschooled most of his life and so never had many opportunities to meet people, much less make friends. So when it came time to start high school he was understandably nervous. On his first day in Scruffs was stunned at the sheer number of other people, and furries he saw. Cats, Dogs, Bunnies, Dragons and so many more. He swallowed hard and started making his way to his first class of the day... Math... he'd always hated it. He made his way to the back of the class and took his seat trying to keep a low profile. The professor ushered his way into the classroom, a tall gentleman probably in his late 60s wearing a crisp suit and a pair of thick spectacles. He had a firm no-nonsense look about him which was echoed in his expression. He walked confidently to the front of the class and quickly wrote and equation on the board. "Uck, Algebra" Scruffs thought to himself, "I am the worst at that". "I am a firm believer in learning by doing" Started the professor, "As such, you will be called upon frequently to work on problems at the front of the class.. You there, at the back, come up here and solve this for us" Scruffs blood drained from his face as he realized the professor meant him he felt his legs turn to jello as he shakily rose from his seat. He wanted to cry, or scream... he wasn't sure which yet... Read more...
  • A Mysterious Pass

    Added by Winter Pronk

    It was a quiet in the small town of Barnhill. Folks had just started turning in from the evening celebrations. It had been an excellent harvest and everyone was in high spirits so the mayor had decided to put on a festival to celebrate. Tom, his wife and children who were 8 and 10 were heading home in their cramped sedan. The children had both won a large stuffed animal for shooting the target. Tom smiled as he recalled the moment the attendent realized his children were skilled marksmen. Read more...