A Furs Tail

Winter Pronk

The story of how a really life furry found his calling and made is mark in society




Scruffs, for the most part, was a shy husky. He'd been homeschooled most of his life and so never had many opportunities to meet people, much less make friends. So when it came time to start high school he was understandably nervous.

On his first day in Scruffs was stunned at the sheer number of other people, and furries he saw. Cats, Dogs, Bunnies, Dragons and so many more. He swallowed hard and started making his way to his first class of the day... Math... he'd always hated it. He made his way to the back of the class and took his seat trying to keep a low profile.

The professor ushered his way into the classroom, a tall gentleman probably in his late 60s wearing a crisp suit and a pair of thick spectacles. He had a firm no-nonsense look about him which was echoed in his expression. He walked confidently to the front of the class and quickly wrote and equation on the board.

"Uck, Algebra" Scruffs thought to himself, "I am the worst at that".

"I am a firm believer in learning by doing" Started the professor, "As such, you will be called upon frequently to work on problems at the front of the class.. You there, at the back, come up here and solve this for us"

Scruffs blood drained from his face as he realized the professor meant him he felt his legs turn to jello as he shakily rose from his seat. He wanted to cry, or scream... he wasn't sure which yet...

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