Lay of the Land

You must abide by the story rating

Story ratings are used extensively by the site to allow people to cater there reading experience, and prevent people from stumbling onto something they would rather not read.

Well we do moderate the stories as much as we can, we rely on our community to follow the rules and make Tales Collective a great experience for everyone

You must not say anything that would be considered offensive to the audience

Don't post racist content, or hate content anywhere on this site. Don't post anything that would be considered illegal The United States, or Canada or your respective country. Don't use profanity in a story marked for everyone.

Respect the direction of the story

Authors who post their stories here are looking to watch them grow. Try to respect that by keeping your posts related to the content of the story. It's alright if you have a cool direction, or an interesting plot twist that you think might make the story better. It's not ok however to take the story on a tangent that doesn't fit the description.

Use proper spelling and grammer

While we are all human, please try to make use of the spelling and grammer tools built into most browsers. This makes reading your post much easier and avoids undue ambiguity. "I like cooking, my family, and my pets" is much less terrifying then "I like cooking my family and my pets"